T. rex Finds Home in Kentucky!

by Creation Museum on May 4, 2004

Recently the biggest resident of the future Answers in Genesis Creation Museum moved in—the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex! Thankfully an eager group of volunteers from Purdue University assisted with moving the 40' long, 12' high dinosaur. His head was removed (so he could fit through the warehouse doors), and he was loaded by forklift onto a flatbed truck for the ride to his permanent home. Imagine the looks of other drivers as a headless T. rex passed by on the interstate!

Why is this T. rex different from the dinosaurs seen in other museums? He’s just as big as they are, but he’s “bigger than life” because of the story he’ll tell. Perhaps the most popular and feared dinosaur, the T. rex will play a prominent role in dispelling the myth that there was an “age of the dinosaurs.” As we know from God’s Word, dinosaurs, along with the other land-dwelling creatures, were created on Day 6, so they lived right alongside birds, reptiles, mammals—even humans. The Creation Museum will show how the science of paleontology, when used with the correct biblical starting points, confirms the history recorded in the Bible concerning dinosaurs.

We often refer to dinosaurs as “missionary lizards” because of the popularity they enjoy. Many people, especially children, are fascinated by these mysterious creatures and want to know how they lived and died. We hope the life-like dinosaur models that will find a home in the Creation Museum will draw in many people who will hear the truth, not only about dinosaurs, but also about other fossils, the age of the earth, human history, and many other relevant topics.

By studying the evidence in light of God’s Word, museum guests will find answers to questions about dating methods, distant starlight, so-called “apemen” and more. Throughout the museum, we will use dinosaurs and other exciting exhibits to remove stumbling blocks and present the gospel clearly and effectively to thousands of guests.