Back to the Present

by Creation Museum on February 20, 2004

If you’ve been reading museum updates on this website and in AiG’s newsletter, you may be wondering if the Creation Museum is limited to a recreation of the “7 C’s” of biblical history. Well, not exactly. Although the “walk through biblical history” is a focal point that sets the stage for understanding the world in which we live, you’ll find so much more.

Before stepping into history, you’ll first see what scientists do at a dinosaur dig , then you’ll “dig a little deeper” into the starting points of creationists and evolutionists. You’ll also discover striking reasons to believe that the Bible is completely trustworthy and Genesis is essential for solving the real problems of our day (details to come in future articles).

Only now will the museum try to “blow you away,” as your eyes are opened to the wonders of the 7 C’s of history—the major events of biblical history from creation to final consummation.

But excitement continues. After your “walk through history,” you’ll return to the present-day world and examine the most intriguing “facts” we have today. You’ll see, as never before, how our understanding of the events of the past, help us to understand the biology, geology and cultures of the present-day world. You’ll carefully compare evolutionary explanations and assumptions—like the big bang, alleged apemen and old-earth ideas—against the facts.

You’ll be free to roam and explore the exhibits in any order you choose, but everywhere you turn, you’ll see how the facts, when interpreted through the lens of biblical history, are consistent with the Bible but not with assumptions about “millions of years.”

What questions do you have? Uneasy answering questions about radiocarbon dating? Rock layers? Natural selection? Do you want to believe in six literal days, but you’re still confused about the big bang or Grand Canyon? You’ll find answers here!

Some exhibits will be interactive, some will feature live animals, and others will showcase artifacts, such as fossils and minerals. A large Children’s Discovery Area at the end is geared for children, but even the “big kids” (of all ages) will enjoy it, too.

This final important area of the museum experience will equip Christians to answer all the common questions that skeptics ask, including details about carbon-14 dating, human ancestry, astronomy, fossils and rock layers. By God’s grace, we hope to challenge every doubter to reconsider their compromise positions when they see how science confirms the Bible. We also pray that many will come to accept the truth of the Bible, including the gospel message.

Still have questions? The post-7 C’s “breakout area” will also include a wealth of resources for additional research. We’re planning to include a reading room with creationist and secular books and magazines that will provide a comfortable environment for additional study, and computers will be available for browsing the Answers in Genesis website and other resources. Special programs will be given in classroom areas, including live workshops and video presentations for children and adults.

Want to rest while the children roam? At the hub of all these “breakout” exhibits and activities is the “museum atrium”, a large, quiet open space with a gurgling waterfall, leering dinosaurs, a concession stand, and ample seating for resting weary feet.

Why not design the entire museum like the “breakout area,” with lots of “evidences” and arguments for creationism? Why spend so much time going through the 7 C’s? Because it all comes down to your starting points. The most important thing a “Creation Museum” can do is to confront guests with the amazing realism of biblical history, which makes so much more sense than the “millions of years” we’re taught almost everywhere we go, including other museums, zoos, schools and nature documentaries.

The evidence does not speak for itself. Why are the rock layers like they are now? Because of what happened during and after the Flood. Why do we have different “races” of people? Because of God confusing the languages at the Tower of Babel. We can understand the evidence in the world today only when we have a biblical foundation of history. (See Creation: Where’s the Proof?)

There’s another reason the museum needs to focus on the 7 C’s. It’s a beautiful way to tell the entire gospel account—from the entrance of sin into the world until the final consummation, when there will be no more sin or death. After all, what would be the point of convincing people that there is a “higher power” who created them without telling them who He is, what He has done, and how they can come to know Him personally?