Photo Update

by Creation Museum on December 31, 2003

Front driveway prior to paving preparation.

Front driveway being prepared for paving.

Front parking lot has been graded for paving.

Front parking lots have been paved.

View of museum from southwest.

Some of the steel for the office has been delivered.

The south mezzanine is up and has been prepared for a concrete slab floor to be poured.

The north mezzanine inside the museum.

View of the museum from the south side of the lake.

The office section steel is up and the concrete floor slab is being poured.

Museum interior, including north mezzanine with freshly poured concrete slab (far side of building).

Aerial view of the museum from the east.

Museum interior

Museum exterior.

Interior museum work continues.

The steel for the path that will wind through 'Corruption Valley' is being installed.