The Anti-Museum

by Creation Museum on December 15, 2003

AiG’s Creation Museum will be unlike any other museum in the world. Just take a peek.

A museum, a zoo, a theatre, a theme park, an academy, a garden?

Dino sketch

Sure, it’ll have a 40-foot T. rex, stegosaur bones, a woolly mammoth, fossils, cool mineral collections, etc.

But plans for the Creation Museum include live specimens, too—possibly spiders, horseshoe crabs, venomous snakes, clown fish, etc.—like a zoo.

And it’ll have a theatre, a planetarium, lecture rooms.

You’ll find games, interactive activities, waterfalls, roaring denizens of the jungle—like a theme park.

And of course, we have a nature trail.

Fact or fantasy?

But strangest of all, you’ll step into a world where humans have not been for six thousand years—exotic plants and bizarre animals that became progenitors of all modern species.

You’ll meet Adam and Eve, though they won’t look like anyone you’ve ever met before—a beautiful, exotic couple who have just the right blend of skin color, facial features, hair, etc. You’ll also see dinosaurs cavorting with children.

The strange sights will be more fantastic than any Dinotopia or Disney Land. But we hope it’ll shock guests “back to reality.”


The Creation Museum will be unlike typical museums in other ways, too. Do you remember what it’s like in a typical museum—the hodgepodge of rocks, fossils, bones and bark, scattered helter-skelter in a tangle of rooms and passageways? Unlike other museums, AiG’s Creation Museum will display one, continuous story.

And unlike the other museums, which usually conceal their anti-biblical goals under a veil of “impartiality,” the Creation Museum will be forthright about the starting points behind our interpretation of the past. (All studies of the past require starting points and assumptions.

Most exciting of all, every exhibit will be grounded in Scripture and the latest creation scholarship. Our writers, researchers and friends are combing the earth, looking for the best and most helpful things to display.

This research takes us to some of the world’s great museums—not to copy their work, but to undo their damage!

Perhaps you’ve already visited secular natural history museums lately, and seen the popular “Lucy” exhibits (see “‘Ape-Woman’ Statue Misleads Public: Anatomy Professor”) and the elaborate dinosaur-to-bird exhibits. Just this year, London’s Natural History Museum hosted a Dino-Bird exhibit that indoctrinated millions of impressionable children in this false history about the origin of birds. (See “Scientific American Admits Creationists Hit a Sore Spot.”) The goal of AiG’s museum is to offer an antidote with true, biblical history.

By God’s grace, AiG hopes to create the most dynamic, life-changing “anti” museum ever built. If you support this aim, please pray that God would give us wisdom. We want to do our very best to confront the core confusion of the culture—and provide answers from Genesis.