Local Arborist Volunteers Time and Services

by Creation Museum on September 15, 2003

Bucket truck
Arbor Management Associates donated time using their bucket truck and other heavy equipment (including a tree-chipper).

A major component in the development of nature trails on the 47-acre museum property is landscape design and maintenance. Before new landscaping can be implemented, existing vegetation needs to be trimmed or removed. Recently, Don Gray of Arbor Management Associates and a few of his workers came to work two long days with some heavy equipment to clean up areas around the Lakeside Adventure Trail. The work included removal of diseased trees, pruning, and stump removal. Over 40 dead or dying trees, primarily black locusts, were removed. As painful as it is to lose the trees, removing them will allow more light penetration, which will enable better growth of the replacement vegetation. Also, the trees targeted for removal posed a hazard for people walking beneath them.

Diseased tree
Diseased tree (note the tree's center)

Plenty of trees remain, of course, including some dead trees (out of harm’s way) and snags that will provide homes to the four species of woodpeckers documented at the site as well as many other bird species. In addition to Don and his crew, members of a volunteer team from Allen Memorial Baptist Church (NY) helped with the clean up as well. Without the generous help of these workers with a God-given heart for service, the work would have cost the ministry a tremendous sum of money. We thank the Lord for their help! Please continue to pray for the continuing work on the nature trails and consider other ways to help either financially or through your time and services.