Aerial view of museum interior

by Creation Museum on July 25, 2003

Jon, Museum Illustrator, has drawn an aerial view of the current design for Creation Walk and Corruption Valley of the museum’s walk through history. Aerial view of museum interior
Click here for larger image with labels. This will be an exciting area of the museum, housing many of Buddy Davis’ dinosaurs in an environment so natural that guests may think they are actually outside! The exhibit team is still working on the details for these exhibits, which will represent the events of Genesis 2-4.

Guests will enter the path after walking through a dramatic portrayal of the six days of creation (not shown here). The exciting events of Adam’s first day of life—naming of the animals, creation of Eve—will unfold in life-sized dioramas re-creating (on a much smaller scale!) the Garden of Eden.

As visitors descend the “trail” (along the left-hand side of the picture) from the upper level of the museum to the main floor, they will soon see the devastating effects of Adam’s sin. The trail eventually leads back under the mezzanine to the Catastrophe section (not shown here).

With the help of scale models and illustrations like these, the museum exhibit design team is developing a powerful presentation of AiG’s museum message—that the Bible’s history can be trusted.