Fundraising Update

by Creation Museum on September 16, 2002

Pat Marsh
The recent Creation Museum Fundraising Banquet in Denver, CO was a huge success! A total of 260 people came out to show their support and enjoy the wonderful music, speaking, food and fellowship.

  • Some of the highlights of the evening included:
  • An inspiring message by Ken Ham, president of AiG-US.
  • A moving testimony shared by Brian Catalucci, president of the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship.
  • The humor and challenging message of the M.C. for the evening, Pastor Gino Geraci of Calvary Chapel South Denver (Gino is also a talk show host on Denver radio).
  • A multimedia presentation showing the opposition that the AiG Creation Museum has faced in its first six years of rezoning and planning—and how the Lord has provided a way through each obstacle!
  • Music and testimonial shared by recording artist, dinosaur sculptor, speaker and adventurer Buddy Davis.
  • An exciting ‘Walk Through the Museum’ slide presentation by Museum Design Director, Patrick Marsh.
    Those who came showed their enthusiasm for the future Creation Museum, donating a total of $163,204 (including faith promises)!

Mark your calendar now for upcoming fundraising events in your area:

Seattle, WA: Museum Fundraising Banquet—12 October

Atlanta, GA: Museum Fundraising Banquet—23 November

Louisville, KY: Annual Missing Links Golf Classic—21 April 2003 (hosted by former PGA tour player, Ted Schulz at the University of Louisville Cardinal Club)

If you would like any more information about any of the above events, please contact Jared Vallorani at 859-727-2222, ext. 456.

Current prayer needs:

  • Timely approval of the recently submitted foundation permit application
  • That the upcoming banquets and other efforts will raise the needed funds to keep the momentum going on Phase 2 of construction
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