Construction Update

by Creation Museum on August 23, 2002

Please pray that the foundation permit application just submitted will be approved without delay so that we may begin pouring the foundations for the building!

Trail work underway! Many of us enjoy watching birds visit our backyard bird feeders. Did you realize that we are actually watching a live testimony to God’s amazing handiwork in the design of these incredible creatures? Every time a bird takes flight, every aspect of its design including the feathers, hollow but strong bones, strong pectoral muscles, unique respiratory system and others are working together to make flying a breeze!

At the future AiG Creation Museum, we plan to help visitors begin to look at birds, the stars, rocks, fossils and everything else in their world in a new light: to look at the world through Biblical glasses!

Since the Lord has blessed the museum with a beautiful, 47-acre property including a well-established lake, we will have many opportunities for outdoor education along nature trails. Plans for the “Lakeside Trail” are taking shape, and, thanks to the help of many volunteers, we have begun clearing out the debris in the area and adjusting the depth along certain edges of the lake for selected native aquatic plants.

On certain sections of the Lakeside Trail, visitors will cross right over the water on boardwalks and bridges. Along the way they can look at nature through Biblical glasses: learning about birds, dragonflies, butterflies, frogs, turtles and maybe even muskrats! They will even be able to visit a “bird blind” where they can watch the woodpeckers and other birds and learn more about these remarkable animals! We can also present the Bible’s teaching on stewardship (conservation/ecology) in an exciting way!

Planetarium update: Plans are also progressing for the Planetarium exhibit! Soon the star projector will be sent to a company that specializes in planetarium equipment so that the controls can be automated and updated. The Planetarium will be a costly project, with the contract for the automation of the projector alone totaling around $30,000! We are also in the process of looking for a dome to be placed inside the museum to simulate the night sky indoors, which might cost around $30,000. (These are both, as yet, unfunded!)
We are thankful for the donation of the star projector, valued at $175,000, by friend of the ministry John Dilday, which jumpstarted the plans for this very special exhibit! John has continued to be involved in this project, lending his expertise to help AiG find the best prices and service for the various equipment needs. We feel that the Planetarium will draw school groups and will provide an extraordinary way to present the Creation/Gospel message to thousands of visitors!

If you have an interest in providing special support to an exhibit like the nature trails or planetarium, please contact our Vice President Mike Zovath at (859) 727-2222 ext. 407, who is in charge of the museum project, for details.

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