Unusual fossil collection donated to the Creation Museum

by Creation Museum on June 10, 2002

Fish Fossil
Fossil collection donated to the Creation Museum (currently under construction)! Some friends of the ministry recently donated a fantastic array of fossils from Brazil! The collection includes several insect, fish and plant specimens. The insects, including a cricket, a tick, and several flying insects, show amazing detail; they were buried in sediments so quickly that even paper-thin wings were imprinted intact.
Dragon Fly

It is estimated that fish and insects make up less than half a percent of the total fossils found. One of the fish in this collection stands out from the others because crystals formed on the inside of the fish, and now the rock is split so that both halves and the crystals are visible. This unusual fish, along with other fossils in this donation, make a very valuable addition to the museum fossil collection, which currently consists of over 3,700 fossils!

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