Elementary students learn about building a museum

by Creation Museum on May 28, 2002

Members of the Museum Team recently had the privilege of speaking to a Kids for Christ Club at an elementary School in Texas. Twenty-four students came to the club’s meeting on a Friday morning before school! Skip Tilton, who is the Building Project Coordinator for the museum project, spoke to the children about the work involved with building the Creation Museum and Patrick, the Museum Design Director, shared with them how the message of the museum will be presented. Following a question and answer time, each student was given some materials to take home.

After the club meeting, the teacher/sponsor asked if Skip could stay and speak to two combined 5th-grade classes about museums in general. The students had recently visited a museum, and the teachers felt that it would be valuable for them to hear about how a museum is built and operated. So Skip told the students about the process of how you go about building a museum, using the Creation Museum as an example, and Patrick shared with them about the process of taking the storyline you want to present and designing relevant exhibits to go into the museum. The sponsor even showed the classes the Creation Museum web site so while at home the kids could go and see what the project and AiG were all about!

We were thankful for this unique opportunity that the Lord gave to minister while we were in Texas for a totally different reason! It was such a blessing to see young people who are willing to get up early in the morning to come to a club meeting and sing and learn about the Creator God! We pray that these children will continue to grow and be prepared to face the questions about the Word of God that will be raised by their teachers and others in their future education.

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