How much work can 16 people accomplish in 4 days?

by Creation Museum on March 18, 2002

Purdue Students

Just last week AiG was blessed to have an enthusiastic group of volunteers, mostly students from Purdue University (Indiana), come to the ministry with rolled-up sleeves, ready to work! And did they ever work!

Purdue Students at Work

This group of 16 volunteers accomplished so much while they were here! They moved stored exhibit materials from one building to another, did a lot of cleaning of the warehouse areas, and helped with packing and shipping of books. They were so excited about helping the ministry that they worked over 11 hours one day!

Part of the group also worked at the missions house, doing some remodeling and setting up the office for the construction manager, who will soon be located at the property to oversee the building project.

In addition to all the hard physical labor of moving, packing, cleaning and remodeling, several students put their minds into action. Some did data entry work, and one is fluent in Spanish and assisted in the translations ministry!

We thank God for sending this dedicated team to help the ministry because their work saved us so much time and money, and their smiling faces were such an encouragement!

If your family, school, or church group would like to come to AiG to volunteer, please see Volunteer opportunities.

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