Unique museum gifts come out of the Evansville, IN seminar

by Creation Museum on March 11, 2002

The recent Answers in Genesis seminar in Evansville, Indiana was a huge success, and it was also unusually productive for the Creation Museum!

  • Several thousand people attended to hear about the authority of Scripture from the very first verse!

  • Many who came to the seminar took home several AiG books and videos, so they are now equipped with resources to study more and spread the word!

  • Several taxidermy specimens were donated to the museum, including a red fox and a large caribou shoulder mount!

  • Red Fox
  • A member of the host church donated a collection of impressive minerals and fossils (example below) to the Creation Museum!

  • Fish Fossil
  • A love offering, which normally helps the host church cover expenses, was collected and graciously given to the museum instead. The offering totaled around $2,500!

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