Hallmark Print Impact Report

by Creation Museum on March 4, 2002

You have probably seen this picture on AiG brochures or web pages before. When we began offering this limited edition print by William Hallmark, we did not realize the impact it could have when on display in supporters’ homes! Now we are seeing that this truly is “a gift that also gives” because it gives AiG supporters an opportunity to share the truth of Creation with friends, family members and other guests.

So far over 370 “In the Beginning” prints have been ordered, raising over $182,000 for the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum project!

Here is some feedback sent to Cornerstone Galleries, who framed and shipped the In the Beginning” prints:

“What a wonderful picture!! It’s amazing, people do not just glance at it while walking by, but stop and study as if counting all the animals and birds. Thank you for your part in working with Answers in Genesis on this project!” —L.A., Iowa

“Recently I received my signed "In the Beginning" creation museum commemorative print from your gallery, and it exceeded my expectations. You did a beautiful job and is meets my full approval. I will proudly display this in my home for many years to come. What a great heir loom! Thank you so much!” —M.K., Washington

“I would like to thank your company for the beautiful framing job you did on a print I acquired through Answers in Genesis. It is a wonderful piece of artwork that is enhanced and made even more eye-catching by the attractive frame. It has become the object of many compliments from guests in our home. Thank you once again for a job well-done!” —J.W., Indiana

“I want to say a big thank you for the parcel that came to our home today. The painting is beautiful, and beautifully framed. I have already hung it up in our living room and I have seen it being admired as I have walked by the, we will all be enjoying it.” —M.A., Ontario, Canada

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