Larry Burkett backs the Creation Museum

by Creation Museum on February 19, 2002

Larry Burkett, founder and chairman of the board of one of America’s most respected Bible-believing ministries, Crown Financial Ministries (formally Christian Financial Concepts), has thrown his support behind AiG’s future museum in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area.

It’s not surprising that Mr Burkett is excited to help AiG proclaim the authority of the Bible through this unique museum outreach. CFM seeks to glean principles from Scripture on the topic of finances which have blessed multiple thousands via Larry’s popular radio talk show, several books and tapes, and Internet articles.

We thankfully remember that when Answers in Genesis started in the US 8 years ago, Larry was gracious in devoting one of his daily radio programs to AiG and its president Ken Ham to help AiG become better known nationally. Also, two years ago 2 AiG staff members met with Mr Burkett and many of his leaders in their Gainesville, Georgia offices to ‘pick their brains’ for 3 days regarding radio outreach, business practices, etc.

Mr Burkett is so fully behind the museum project that he wrote to us this week that:

AiG helps Christians to understand the origin of God’s creation. I highly support the museum and discovery center they’re planning. It will be exciting to see how God will use this in the lives of His people.

Mr Burkett informed us that he is asked several times each year to lend his name to various ministries and causes, but does not often do so. We are thus honored that he would publicly back AiG’s museum center.

He revealed to us that he has a deep interest in science, and how real, observational science supports the book of Genesis, not ‘molecules-to-man’ evolution. He also showed AiG staff members a rock from the moon, given to him by one of the Apollo astronauts. (Larry once worked as an engineer with NASA.)