Designing the Interior Museum Space

by Creation Museum on February 14, 2002
Museum Lobby

We wanted to give you an opportunity to see some of the “work in progress” as Patrick, Museum Design Director, designs the layout and exhibit plan for the museum. These are preliminary sketches illustrating two possibilities for the layout of the lobby area. By the time the process is completed, the lobby might not look anything like either of these pictures. However, in order to decide on a plan, rough sketches like these must be done to really visualize how the end result might look.

Museum Displays

Patrick, designer of world-renowned attractions such as King Kong and Jaws of Universal Studios Florida, has been busy since his arrival doing research, developing ideas, and sketching possible scenarios like these. We have known the look of the outside of the museum for awhile, but now we have the excitement of seeing the inside take shape!

Please continue to pray about this project. Pray for the planning of the museum program, which encompasses the exhibits, interpretive nature trails, educational workshops and more. Also pray for the construction of the museum, including quick approvals on needed permits, financial provision for the building costs, and safety for those actually working on the site. Most of all, please pray for the Lord’s guidance and perfect will in this endeavor!

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