Gift in Kind

by Creation Museum on December 10, 2001

Exhibit Materials

Many people are supporting the museum and the rest of the ministry through Gifts in Kind, which are non-cash donations of materials and/or labor. Last week we highlighted some of the volunteers who helped the ministry last summer, and we are continuing that series of Volunteer Highlights below. The ministry has also been blessed with materials given to the museum project, including thousands of display items. Just last month we received a fabulous donation of exhibit material from Joseph Hurt in Stone Mountain, GA! This collection of minerals, gems, fossils, and replicas is outstanding. Several of the minerals are exceptionally beautiful and unusual, and among the fossils are a 1' diameter ammonite and a spectacular 1' long fish!

Volunteer Highlights

As in last week’s article, we are going “back in time” to tell you about the volunteers who visited AiG last summer and saved the ministry thousands of dollars in labor. If your family, church or other group is interested in participating in this way, please contact us.

The McClays, Lucasville, OH: "If Christians can’t believe and defend the authority of the Bible, then we might as well hang it all up" (Ryan McClay). Ryan and his brother Randy and their cousin David found that one way to put action behind their support of the AiG ministry is by volunteering their time and skills! They were here June 25th and 26th, 2001, and here’s a sample of what they did:

  • Installed new time clocks
  • Wiring
  • Helped in the computer department

Calvary Baptist Church, Lansing, MI: A team of 12 volunteers came from Calvary Baptist July 14-21, 2001. While here, they checked the following items off their work list:

  • Applied polyurethane to floors of AiG trailers
  • Broke down and disposed of crates and boxes to make room in the museum warehouse
  • Installed baffling above walls in museum warehouse

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