Dinosaur Eggs and Mission Teams

by Creation Museum on December 3, 2001

What do dinosaur eggs and mission teams have in common? Maybe not much, except that in both we can see the hand of Jehovah Jireh, our Provider, faithfully providing AiG with the materials and the laborers needed to make the Creation Museum a reality!

New Exhibit Material:

We have recently acquired the makings of a unique dinosaur egg exhibit, which includes a nest of real Theriznosaurus eggs that have been CAT scanned and show fossilized material in some of the eggs! Together with other fossilized eggs which include a T-rex egg and a raptor egg, this new addition to the museum will make a fascinating exhibit for young and old alike, and will be used to show examples of rapid fossilization during the flood of Noah. We have a total of 21 dinosaur eggs available so far!

Volunteer Highlights:

Answers in Genesis has truly been blessed with the valuable service of volunteers! Several mission teams came to AiG this past summer, sacrificing their own time, money and energy to help with the museum project and other departments! They have been a great blessing to us, and we want to share with you some of what has been accomplished through the unselfish acts of God’s people.

“We have a lot of great memories that won’t be easily forgotten.”

Brian, Sarah and Mario Russo-This brothers/sister team from Greenville, SC came on two different occasions, giving a total of over 6 weeks of their time to volunteer! We really put them to work, and they jumped right in, doing all that was asked! Here are a few of the jobs they did, saving the ministry time and expense:

  • Painted the inside of the Missions house
  • Painted the inside of the ministry trailers
  • Pulled book orders in the warehouse
  • Pulled wires for phone lines
  • Filing
  • Mowing
  • Much, much more!!

Tri-County Bible Church, Rensselaer, IN—This team of 29 came to AiG in March, ready to be put to work! We were so pleased that they didn’t run away when we asked them to tackle the following tasks!
“We really saw God’s hand at work. It was a real blessing for our group.”
  • Cleaning and polishing dinosaurs (no, we didn’t have to offer hazard pay for the job—they were just dinosaur models!)
  • Preparing books, tapes and CDs for shipping
  • Remodeling the garage at the Missions house
  • Cleaning out the shed on the museum property and installing doors
  • Doing electrical lighting
We praise God for sending these volunteers and others like them (to be featured in the weeks to come) to serve in the ministry! They have provided invaluable service, encouragement and fellowship to the ministry and staff.

To make an online donation to this exciting international Bible-proclaiming outreach, go to the U.S. donations area and designate museum. Thank you for your support!