Construction and exhibit planning continue

by Creation Museum on November 26, 2001

In spite of ongoing efforts to thwart the building of the Creation Museum, the work continues on the museum site, and the exhibit planning is moving ahead full speed at the home office.

  • AiG-owned house adjacent to property scheduled for renovation! Improvements are soon to be made to the AiG missions house, which is a modest-sized house adjacent to the site of the future Creation Museum! This house, currently not occupied, has already served to provide accommodations to volunteer teams who have come to lend their time, talents, and energy to assist AiG with the museum project! We are currently in the process of obtaining much-needed carpet for the house, and we will be converting the downstairs area into apartment-style housing, making it more suitable for future volunteers.

    The house is a great asset to the ministry and could be used in many ways in the future. The garage has already been modified to provide future office space for construction staff involved in the building project. As already mentioned, the house itself has provided no-cost lodging to short-term volunteers, and soon it will be better equipped to do so for future volunteers. Also, a detached garage on the property has been outfitted with hook-ups for RVs, which provides another housing option for volunteer teams, which are a crucial part of the Gifts in Kind program that will help to make this vision a reality!

  • Progress in spite of opposition! Although the site plan approval has been delayed due to the Sierra Club’s opposition, AiG has received approval on a variance to allow the installation of our storm water detention system to begin! The work continues on the site of the future Creation Museum, in spite of the efforts of the Enemy to stop it!
  • Nature trail design off the ground and running! Plans are underway for a lakeside nature trail to bring the Creation message outdoors!
  • AiG moving ahead on first significant attraction—the planetarium! With the help of John Dilday, ministry friend and donor of a planetarium projector once used to train the Mercury astronauts, we are beginning to plan the building and incorporation of the planetarium for the Creation Museum and Family Discovery Center.

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