Phase I drawing to a close!

by Creation Museum on November 19, 2001

The excavation of the property is nearly complete, which will close out Phase I of the Creation Museum building project! Now we are ready to begin Phase II, which will start with the installation of the storm water detention system.

  • Earth dam widened! The earth dam on the East side of the lake has been widened to give more flexibility in landscaping and nature trail development. The dam was extended from 10' to 50' wide! The change has already dramatically improved the landscape, opening up the view into the woods and creek on the Northeast side of the property.
  • Interior Designers offer help! A number of professional Interior Designers are offering their expertise for the museum project on a Gifts-in-Kind basis. We are again reminded how the Gifts in Kind program not only saves the ministry money, but we also enjoy the blessing of seeing God’s provision in action as He calls up His people to participate in this exciting project!
  • World-renowned art director Patrick Marsh is beginning the concept work for the storyline of the Creation Museum! He will be developing an exhibit plan for the museum based on a story line that he and the museum team are constructing, as well as planning for the outdoor interpretive trails and programs. He is beginning to transform the message to be presented in the museum from words on paper into models of exhibits that will show visitors how the Bible is true from the very first verse!

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