Cool, calm, and collected

by Creation Museum on July 17, 2001

An inventory of our first-class museum exhibits is almost complete! When the museum opens, AiG’s Creation Museum will be onea of the finest natural history museums in America’s Midwest.

We thought you would be interested in seeing a list of some of the wonderful, “cool” items that AiG has already collected that are “patiently” awaiting placement as future exhibits in the Creation Museum and Family Discovery Center near Cincinnati, Ohio, USA:

  • Animal specimens (e.g. skeletons)—23
  • Taxidermy specimens—37
  • Birds’ nests—41
  • Fossils—3,706
  • Insect specimens—194
  • Replicas—74
  • Rocks and minerals—9,805
  • Shells—386
  • Dinosaur models—65
  • Planetarium projector—1 (actually used to train the Mercury astronauts—such as John Glenn—40 years ago)
  • Coins/pottery from Bible times—18

Most of the materials listed above have been donated, with only a few having to be purchased! And that’s not all! The above figures do not include the $5 million worth of museum exhibits purchased for only $19,000 at a Baltimore auction a year and a half ago, which are stored in three large warehouses.

If you have a museum-quality exhibit that you would consider donating to AiG’s future Bible-proclaiming family center, contact Mike Zovath, AiG-US General Manager, at ext. 407 (800) 350-3232 (US only)

We are relying on donations to be able to erect a first-class facility needed to house these and many more exhibits that are yet to be constructed.