B.C.—Befriending Creation!

by Creation Museum on July 13, 2001

One of AiG’s good friends is an internationally known cartoonist, whose strips are read by an estimated 100 million people worldwide each week!

Johnny Hart, the cartoonist behind the incredibly popular “BC” and “Wizard of Id”* cartoon strips, is an avid creationist who laments the disastrous effects that the theory of evolution has had in the decay of Western society. In a Creation magazine interview AiG conducted with him a few years ago, he also declared that evolution is “foolishness” and “beyond all reason.”

In one of his recent strips, Johnny declared his support for the Genesis doctrine of “original sin.” He graciously granted us permission to reprint the “BC” strip on our Web site.

Often in his strips, Johnny presents the Gospel message, especially during Easter and Christmas times. The proclamation of his Christian beliefs has unfortunately led to some controversy and even “editor censorship,” with newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times sometimes deciding not to print some of his “BC” cartoons when they contain a prominent Christian message.

At the same time, Johnny has won several “best humor strips” (a 6-time winner in the US and once in France). Interestingly, this modern-day proclaimer of Biblical truths lives in Nineveh, New York, but there is no truth to the rumor that “Johnny” is a nickname for Jonah!

An avid golfer and the sponsor of his own “BC Open” PGA golf tournament, Johnny has also decided to support AiG’s “Missing Links” tournament in Louisville, Kentucky, with his donations of original cartoon strips and permission to use some of his artwork to promote this tourney (this year, the tournament will be held on Monday, October 22nd, with the proceeds to benefit AiG’s future Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky).

*Brant Parker is Johnny’s partner in the “Wizard of Id” strip.