Building on a sure foundation!

by Creation Museum on July 12, 2001

It’s exciting to see the progress occurring in the building of AiG’s Bible-proclaiming Creation Museum and Family Discovery Center near Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (in Northern Kentucky).

This center will present visitors with the Gospel message, and will share the vital truth that the Bible should be our sure foundation for all areas of our life.

In just the past few weeks, the following have been accomplished:

  • The property is being graded and partially excavated.
  • A planetarium projector that was used to train the Mercury astronauts such as John Glenn about 40 years ago was donated to the museum!
  • Our design team has finished over 90% of the construction documents, which would include everything from such “mundane” things as the amount of insulation needed to the creation now of a special room for AiG’s planetarium
  • Securing the appropriate permits from the county and State of Kentucky, including the eventual installation of a sanitation treatment facility.

In a few months, we will be showing you photos on this site of the steel beams going up. AiG has committed to ordering about $600,000 in steel, which is perhaps the most costly part of the entire building project (outside of labor costs) in this phase. We are pleased to report that because we are avoiding a “middle man” in purchasing the steel, we are obtaining it at a much lower cost.

AiG is building the museum and new headquarters mortgage-free. In other words, we will be building as donations come in. If donations slow, then AiG will delay the construction until such time that donations increase. To make your donation to the evangelistic and Bible-proclaiming museum center to America and beyond, go to the US donations page and select Creation Museum under “Gift designation”.

If you are in a construction-related trade (and live in America) and would like to inquire about donating some materials or labor to the building project, contact us or call 1-800-350-3232, ext. 471)