Museum property dedicated to the Lord!

by Creation Museum on June 17, 2000

Museum property dedicated to the Lord!

About 250 gathered on Saturday, June 17 for a time of dedication and prayer on the 47-acre property that will be the home to AiG’s Creation Museum and Family Discovery Center (and AiG’s headquarters).

Ken Ham, AiG Executive Director, stood at the spot where the 95,000-square-foot complex will be built. He told the crowd that the facility would be a center to proclaim the authority of the Bible from its very first verse. He also made a call for supporters in construction-related businesses to consider donating their services and time to the facility’s construction.

While AiG has already selected its primary architect (the prestigious firm of A.M. Kinney Associates of Cincinnati) and has found a civil engineer who will donate all his time, Ken Ham noted that there are many other construction slots to be filled, such as the general contractor, additional engineers, plumbers, electricians, and other professionals in construction-related businesses.

Ken Ham was joined on land dedication day by Dr. John Whitcomb, co-author of The Genesis Flood, a classic book of apologetics that touched off the modern-day revival of creationist activity.

The museum–which may have ground-breaking on March 15, 2001–will be a "walk through history" of the Bible, starting with Genesis 1:1. Interactive displays, dioramas, and large exhibits already collected (e.g., 60 life-sized dinosaur models) will make the facility a major attraction in the region when it opens in the summer of 2002.

The property is located west of the Cincinnati airport, and faces I-275. It is within a one-day drive of two-thirds of the U.S. population (and millions of Canadians, too).