Hearing postponed

by Creation Museum on October 26, 1999

The hearing on the museum appeal, scheduled for 15 October to rule on the lawsuit against the Boone County Fiscal Court and Answers in Genesis has been postponed.

The forces opposing the rezoning had the sitting judge remove himself from the case for an alleged potential conflict of interest on his part. (He once owned a parcel of land that AiG had consulted a real estate agent about over two years ago.) This obvious delaying tactic forces the assignment of a new judge to hear the case.

The new judge must schedule and conduct a preliminary hearing to set the schedules for the taking of depositions by both sides. He will then set a date to hear the case. AiG hopes that this will take place before the end of 1999.

Please continue to pray that this process will go smoothly and that the Lord will be honored by all that is said and done. Those of you following the Creation Museum rezoning saga know that the process started back in June of 1998! It is a costly legal expense we are being forced to incur.

AiG is nonetheless very excited about the tremendous witnessing opportunities that this unique museum will afford, as well as opportunities to present evolution-free information concerning the history of the universe! The stubborn opposition and blatant efforts to censor this vital truth only strengthens our resolve to see this legal battle to its successful conclusion. Thank you all for your prayers and financial support. Please stay 'tuned' to our site for further updates and exciting announcements about the progress of exhibit planning and construction!