Creation Museum Project Information

by Creation Museum on March 17, 1999

Answers in Genesis plans to build a Creation Museum to show the whole world the wonders of God’s Creation and emphasize a literal viewpoint of the Bible (including the book of Genesis). This museum will be a wonderful alternative to the evolutionary Natural History museums that Satan has used to influence so many minds.

Look at the following sections:

  • Upcoming Events—What is AiG’s next step in the museum-building process?
  • Latest News—What is the latest news about AiG’s attempts to build a museum?
  • Special Needs—How you can support AiG by providing materials for our museum.
  • Museum Concepts—Take a look at several pictures and designs about what the museum might look like.

Upcoming Events

Please pray that the Fiscal Court’s decision on Thursday, 5/6/99, is not appealed in the next 30 days.

Latest News

On Thursday 5/6/99 the Fiscal voted 3-1 in favor of Answers in Genesis rezoning the land to Public Facilities for the Creation Museum. Praise the Lord!!

See this news release 5/7/99: Overturned! Creation Museum finally gets approval from county!

AiG Answers Museum Critics (March 17, 1999 letter to Planning Commission)

The Residents Say “Yes,” but the County Says “No!” to Creation Museum! (March 18 News Release)

Special Needs

We are so thankful that the Lord has given us so much for a museum already. However, there are still many materials that we could use for our museum (which is a very large projects!), including the following:
  • Prayer support is definitely needed most—that AiG will be able to purchase the land and rezone it for our use.
  • Many more materials are needed for the Museum Project. Please stay tuned to see how you can help.

Museum Concepts

Would you like to see what the museum might look like? Stay tuned for pictures about what the Creation Museum might look like!