News release: $5,000,000 of exhibits purchased for Creation Museum

by Creation Museum on January 22, 1999

(Florence, KY)—The proposed 30,000-square-foot Creation Museum in the Cincinnati metropolitan area jumped to a new level recently with the purchase of about $5 million worth of exhibits and equipment … for only $19,000! The museum—to be built by the apologetics ministry of Answers in Genesis—would defend the Bible from the very first verse.

The facility should become a national attraction because it will be located within a one-day drive of almost two-thirds of the U.S. population (and not far from I-75, the busiest north/south interstate in America); also, the museum is already well-known because of the fierce opposition it has drawn from evolutionists and humanists, often making for national and even international headlines.

(Last month, AiG staff traveled to Maryland for a ‘going out of business’ auction at the Columbus Center on Baltimore Harbor. Included in AiG’s purchases was a walk-through fish (54-ft. long) that cost $340,000 to design and build. This enormous sea bass measures 18-ft high at the fin; the Baltimore Sun reported that AiG had purchased one of the museum’s ‘most visible icons’.

AiG was also the top bidder on a walk-through replica of a living cell (14’ x 26’) that was constructed for $580,000—but purchased by AiG for only $2,200. Because there was very little evolutionary content in this and the other impressive exhibits, AiG ended up purchasing more than half of the center’s ‘Hall of Exploration’ exhibits, most of which were less than a year old.

Also brought back from Baltimore on seven tractor-trailers were dozens of touch-screen computers and laser disc players, an exceptional exhibit on DNA and chromosomes, another on advances in genetic research, a 500-gallon marine aquarium, and a large fabricated ‘rock wall’ with a 600-gallon active waterfall.

With AiG’s 45 large and exquisitely sculpted dinosaur models, and combined with a huge collection of fossils and minerals, Ken Ham, President of AiG, declared that ‘the addition of the Baltimore exhibits makes AiG’s Creation Museum ready to rival most of the science museums in America. With our museum, however, visitors will be presented with a Biblical view of history, not an evolutionary one.’

Museum lawsuit—settlement possible

These exhibits are waiting to be placed in a state-of-the-art museum on 47 acres of natural beauty facing I-275 in Northern Kentucky (near the Cincinnati airport). Boone County’s Fiscal Court, however, denied AiG’s rezoning application in November. The decision, when examined in the light of the county’s own Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Regulations, was arbitrary and capricious. Therefore AiG has appealed.

AiG had filed a lawsuit with the Circuit Court of Boone County to challenge the Fiscal Court’s denial of AiG’s rezoning request on land which is to be purchased for the museum. This suit is now on hold as AiG attorneys are exploring settlement possibilities with the county and hope to hear something from its lawyers soon.

To avoid a lengthy and costly trial for both sides, AiG hopes that the county will want to have the issue settled out of court, especially as the new commissioners and Judge-Executive see the weakness of the county’s position against AiG To schedule interviews with Ken Ham, call Mark Looy at 1-800-350-3232, ext. 402. AiG's appeal can be found on the AiG website.