Theater Presentations

In addition to the Stargazer’s Planetarium and the dozens of informative videos throughout the Creation Museum, there are several more shows that you don’t want to miss!

Last Adam Theater


The Last Adam is the dramatic finale of the museum’s Walk Through History. After Adam’s sin, mankind needed a Redeemer, the last Adam, Jesus Christ. Experience the glory of God’s redemptive plan, set in place before the beginning of time. Hear the gospel as Christ’s birth, death, resurrection, and ultimate return are shared in this clear and powerful presentation. Your visit to the Creation Museum is not complete without viewing The Last Adam.

Location: Conclusion of the walk through history
Run time: 15 minutes (starts approximately every 20 minutes, with the last show of the day starting 30 minutes before closing)

You can purchase The Last Adam on DVD in our online store.

Enhanced Tour

This presentation is stop number 390 in the Creation Museum’s enhanced tour.

Six Days of Creation Theater


Travel 6,000 years into the past to view the dawn of history. Enjoy a dramatic reading of Genesis chapter one as the first Six Days of Creation are illuminated in this panoramic theater. This brief but powerful presentation will move you to consider the wonder and diversity of God’s Creation.

Location: About midway through the Walkthrough Biblical History
Run time: 4 minutes (plays on a continuous loop)

You can purchase Six Days of Creation on DVD in our online store.

Enhanced Tour

This presentation is stop number 230 in the Creation Museum’s enhanced tour.

Special Effects Theater


Featuring Men in White

Meet Wendy. This intelligent young woman has heard the constant barrage of evolutionary ideas about the world, but the more she thinks, the more she sees that what she’s been taught doesn’t make sense. She ponders some of the most important questions of life: What is the truth about where we came from? Is there meaning? Is there really a God, or did this all just happen by chance? Suddenly, Gabe and Mike, two contemporary angels, “descend” to help her. Get ready to join Wendy, and experience the exciting truth of Genesis like never before! Prepare for some fun—and some surprises. Prepare to believe.

Location: In the Main Hall (included with general admission)
Run time: 22 minutes (check your daily schedule and theater signs for show times)

You can purchase Men in White on DVD in our online store.

Enhanced Tour

This presentation is stop number 126 in the Creation Museum’s enhanced tour.

Stargazer’s Planetarium


Experience the high-definition, digital technology of the Stargazer’s Planetarium. Recline under the dome and let one of our shows take you soaring through the solar system or far beyond the Milky Way. Separate timed tickets are required for each show. Please consult a Guest Services Representative or your Daily Schedule for shows, times, price, and availability. Ask about our double feature discount (available only on days when we offer two shows).

Location: Stargazer’s Planetarium off the Main Hall.
Run time: 23 minutes. (It is helpful to line up 15 minutes early. All shows start promptly.)

You can purchase Created Cosmos on DVD in our online store.

Enhanced Tour

This presentation is stop number 121 in the Creation Museum’s enhanced tour.