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    Gearing Up for Christmas Town 2015
    Oct. 2, 2015

    Like thousands of others, start a family tradition and keep coming back to Christmas Town at the Creation Museum!

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    How Much Wear and Tear Do Museum Exhibits Undergo?
    Sept. 30, 2015

    Our guests probably don’t think about the need for preventive maintenance because of the gradual wear and tear of things at the Creation Museum.

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    Go Fossil Hunting with Dr. Snelling
    Sept. 28, 2015

    Don’t miss an exciting hands-on fossil hunt led by Dr. Andrew Snelling.

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    Join Us for Fall Fun
    Sept. 25, 2015

    With October just around the corner there are several events at the Creation Museum that our readers might be interested in.

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    Images Come to Life at the Creation Museum
    Sept. 23, 2015

    Next time you visit the museum, check out the latest augmented reality app at FotoFX!

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    Equine Foot Care
    Sept. 21, 2015

    Our Petting Zoo staff puts much time and effort into the care of our animals. For our equines (zorse, zonkey, and donkey), husbandry includes regular hoof care.

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    Getting Ready for the Crowds
    Sept. 18, 2015

    This new exit from the petting zoo will help when we see the influx of crowds that we anticipate visiting the museum once the Ark opens in 2016.

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    Creation Caving and Concerts in Cumberland Caverns
    Sept. 16, 2015

    More than 30 families joined Buddy Davis in Tennessee to explore Cumberland Caverns. And a trip with Buddy isn’t complete without a concert!

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    Deaf Day 2015, ASL Interpreters’ Class, and More!
    Sept. 14, 2015

    One of our long-time Deaf volunteers, Eric, has recorded a new video to tell our Deaf guests about Deaf Day coming up in just one month!

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    Adventure in Glendive
    Sept. 9, 2015

    The recent Dinosaur Dig with Buddy Davis in eastern Montana showed God’s handiwork in stormy weather, fossils finds, and great fellowship.

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    Coati Cuteness
    Sept. 4, 2015

    Our petting zoo at the Creation Museum is home to two coatis. What are coatis, you ask?

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    Stargazer’s Night: Lunar Eclipse Edition
    Sept. 2, 2015

    Join Creation Museum astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner for a very special edition of the Creation Museum’s popular Stargazer’s Night program.

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    Start Training
    Aug. 31, 2015

    If you started training today, you would have seven weeks to get ready for our seventh annual run, October 17.

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    Rexy the Dinosaur Sighted at Creation Museum
    Aug. 28, 2015

    Our guests have had a special treat recently thanks to the advent of a dinosaur stalking about the premises.

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    Operation Christmas Child at the Creation Museum!
    Aug. 26, 2015

    Get all the information you need to help children around the world receive something most of them have never received before . . . a gift.

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    Great Weather Equals Beautiful Grounds
    Aug. 24, 2015

    This past summer’s weather has been the best since we opened in 2007.

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    New Planetarium Show
    Aug. 21, 2015

    We're excited to be adding a new God-honoring planetarium show called Aliens: Fact or Fiction?

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    Get the Word Out
    Aug. 19, 2015

    Día Latino takes places October 3 at the Creation Museum with special events for our Spanish-speaking friends.

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    Zip Line Opportunities
    Aug. 17, 2015

    Are you looking for something to do to get the family outside during these last days of summer?

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    Something New
    Aug. 14, 2015

    Another new activity has arrived at the Creation Museum! The tower has gone up and the water has started flowing. “What is it?” you anxiously wonder.

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    Deaf Presenter at Creation Museum
    Aug. 12, 2015

    We are so excited to have Calvin come and present our message in his heart language, which is the heart language of most of our Deaf Day audience, ASL.

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    Delivering the Message
    Aug. 10, 2015

    When you returned home from the Museum and tried to tell your church family about the “message” you learned, did you find that your words weren’t adequate?

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    Back to Truth
    Aug. 7, 2015

    We want to help you start your school year off with the truth! From now until August 31 we are offering a special package deal.

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    Hair Sheep at the Creation Museum
    Aug. 5, 2015

    Did you know that some sheep have hair for a coat instead of wool?