Petting Zoo

Zorse and Zonkey

zorse and zonkey at the petting zoo

A visit to the Creation Museum isn’t complete without a stop at the petting zoo! The petting zoo is a fun place for children and adults to experience close up encounters with unique animals. As with other aspects of the Creation Museum experience, there is an opportunity to learn. Not only can the petting zoo develop a respect for God’s animal creations, it can also help answer important questions related to the history of Noah’s ark.

Come see a variety of animal kinds (including a zonkey, a zorse, and wallabies) as you stroll through our family friendly petting zoo. Our zoo is designed to give guests a hands-on experience with some of God’s amazing creatures.

Camel Rides

Camel Rides

Enjoy the experience of a camel ride at the Creation Museum’s Petting Zoo! Our friendly dromedary camels are often available to give you a ride.

Location: On the museum grounds, next to the Petting Zoo

Cost: Tickets are $5 per rider (This price includes 6% KY sales tax.)

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