Stargazer’s Planetarium

The Stargazer’s Room features a Digistar 5 digital projection system—providing a full color, high-resolution environment that is truly awe-inspiring.

Sit back and be amazed as the projector displays vividly realistic cosmic images upon a 30-foot-diameter dome, allowing viewers to travel anywhere in the universe.

  • Location: Stargazer’s Planetarium off the Main Hall.
  • Run time: 23 minutes.
  • Tickets: Separate timed ticket(s) are required.

Four Spectacular Shows

Aliens: Fact or Fiction?

Aliens: Fact or Fiction? (Opening September 4)

Dr. Danny Faulkner is producing a new planetarium show called Aliens: Fact or Fiction?. Our guests will travel the universe looking for answers. They’ll meet some new friends who have lots of questions:
       Are we alone in the universe?                 Does life exist on other planets?
       Did your neighbor really see a UFO?       Are there answers in the Bible?

Stargazer’s Planetarium - Created Cosmos

Created Cosmos (every day)

Visit stars, nebulae, galaxies, superclusters, and more as you tour the known universe. This show will give you a better understanding of the immensity of the universe and the power of the One who created it. This show is also available to order on DVD.

Stargazer’s Planetarium - Worlds of Creation

Worlds of Creation (most days)

Scripture teaches that the universe was supernaturally designed and created approximately 6,000 years ago. When we look at the cosmos, we see that it is consistent with what the Bible teaches. Lift off to an informative excursion to each of the planets in our solar system in the Worlds of Creation.

Stargazer’s Planetarium - The Christmas Star

The Christmas Star (only during Christmas season)

In this show, learn about the possible explanations for the “star” that led the wise men to Christ. The conclusion is . . . well, maybe we shouldn’t give away the ending. Join us for this new look at an intriguing part of the Christmas season.

Helpful Hints

  • Shows, when scheduled, play on the hour (:00) and half hour (:30).
  • Check printed daily schedule for show times.
  • It is helpful to line up 15 minutes early. All shows start promptly.
  • Ask about our double feature discount (available only on days when we offer two shows).
Enhanced Tour

This exhibit is stop number 121 in the Creation Museum’s enhanced tour.