Get ready to ride one of our two camels at the Creation Museum!

Camel at the Creation Museum named Gomer


Newest camel at the Creation Museum named CJ


Riding a camel is quite different from riding a horse, the most obvious difference being the hump. Because weight distribution is important, light-weight riders can ride in front of the hump while others ride behind it. Two can ride together because both Gomer and CJ’s maximum capacity is around 250 pounds!

But the hump is not the only difference. A camel’s height and special gait makes camel-riding a whole new experience. You can imagine crossing a desert on that high perch, taking in an incredible view of the dunes surrounding you while traveling along and swaying back and forth at a leisurely pace.

Our camels give rides six afternoons a week (Monday through Saturday) from mid-May through October. In November and December you can ride on Saturdays, holidays, and Christmas Town evenings. During January and February our camels rest up for the next season. In March and April you can ride on Fridays and Saturdays.

Please check our online event calendar to see whether rides are scheduled for a particular day.

Camel Rides at the Creation Museum

Tickets are $5 per rider and can be purchased at the petting zoo. (This price includes 6% KY sales tax.) Rides are weather permitting, so please check conditions once you arrive at the museum. The times when rides are offered also vary, so be sure to check these with a Daily Schedule or staff member.


  • The maximum total weight of all riders is 250 pounds.
  • The safety of our guests is very important, so all rides are subject to the discretion of the camel handler.
  • The minimum height for a rider is 36 inches.