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Venture into a world that few people know even exists…if you dare. Watch as voracious worms stalk their prey. There, behind that huge plant, is that an enormous shrimp? Did you see two wheels on the head of that one that just zipped by? But wait, isn’t this supposed to be a trip through a microscopic world?

It is, but with the advanced technology of a high quality, phase contrast microscope, it’s like you’re right there swimming with these aquatic creatures. Projected onto the wall for everyone to view, this tiny world appears as a dense jungle full of huge, exotic creatures. But it’s really just the life to be found in a drop of pond water.

You’ll be amazed at the variety and complexity of life found in the microscopic world. And, ultimately you’ll discover that there really is no such thing as a simple life form!

Dr. Menton holds a PhD in cell biology from Brown University and was an associate professor of anatomy for many years at the respected Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Through his years of teaching he gained many anecdotal tidbits and he loves sharing his knowledge with Creation Museum guests. Audiences of all ages enjoy Dr. Menton’s well-illustrated (and often humorous) presentations. This workshop is recommended for 12 years old and up although younger budding scientists will be able to learn a lot, too.

Join us for a journey through a drop of water…and discover God’s creation…at the microscopic level. Tickets are $3.50 with museum admission; Members and Passholders receive a 10% discount off on-site purchases. Purchase your tickets in advance by calling Reservations at 888-582-4253 ext 355 or buy online.

This program is a Science Series Workshop sponsored by Bob Jones University.