Cool Critters of the Ice Age

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What do mastodons, mammoths, cave bears, giant sloths, giant beavers, and saber-toothed cats have in common? They’re all animals of the Ice Age…and they’re all big…REALLY BIG! Imagine the size of a dam created by a beaver that is 8 feet long from nose to tail. And when we think of sloths, we usually picture a cute little critter, hanging from a tree branch…but not when they’re 10 feet long! Smiledons, commonly called saber-toothed cats, with their 7 inch fangs and weighing in at up to 600 lbs would be truly fascinating…and intimidating…as they prowled the forest in search their next meal. And mammoths, well, they were truly mammoth in size! Just why were these animals so big? Learn the answer when you join us for the newest Creation Adventure workshop, Cool Critters of the Ice Age.

With Buddy’s engaging style and witty stories, families will enjoy discovering the truth about these “cool creatures” through solid, biblical teaching. You will also learn what caused the Ice Age after Noah's Flood. The final portion of the workshop is spent sculpting a saber-toothed cat, guided by Buddy, who sculpted just about every dinosaur found in the museum. Come “chill out” with Buddy Davis and learn about the Cool Critters of the Ice Age on your next visit to the Creation Museum.

This program is designed for the whole family to enjoy. Tickets are $3.50 with museum admission; Members and Passholders receive a 10% discount off on-site purchases. Purchase your tickets in advance by calling Reservations at 888-582-4253 ext 355 or buy online.

Photos from various workshops:

Gifted by God in many ways, Buddy Davis enjoys sharing his talents as he uses them to glorify God. As an avid outdoorsman, he loves exploring God’s creation and sharing his discoveries through books and videos. Buddy gave of his sculpting ability in the form of dinosaurs used in Creation Museum exhibits. He leads the very popular “Creation Adventure” children’s workshops at AiG conferences and the Creation Museum. An accomplished singer and songwriter, Buddy plays many acoustic instruments, and his music is enjoyed around the world.

His love for God’s worldly creation has been channeled into many programs, including a fun video series, Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures. Follow Buddy on a dinosaur dig, journey with him to a swamp, or go spelunking in the depths of the earth as you join in his adventures. Whether geared for adults, children, or the whole family, Buddy’s messages are aimed at the lay audience. His easy-to-understand style makes him popular with listeners of all ages.

Buddy specializes in building life-sized dinosaur sculptures. He has sculpted more than 60 impressive dinosaur models, many of which have found a new home in the Creation Museum. Be sure to visit his 40' T. rex in the Creation Museum's Dinosaur Den.

But Buddy’s artistic ability is not limited to sculpting dinosaurs. Also an author and illustrator of children’s and family books, Buddy is able to minister to a wide audience. Fiction and non-fiction, print or audio, Buddy’s easy-to-read style is perfect for family read-aloud time and classroom use.

Upholding the authority of God’s Word, the sole purpose of Buddy’s music is to draw people to a closer walk with Jesus Christ, our Creator and Savior. Whether performing a traditional hymn or singing a song he wrote, his music has ministered to many. Buddy plays a variety of folk-style instruments including the guitar, mandolin, banjo, and harmonica, and his down-home-America singing style is pleasing to all. Each day he is scheduled to be at the museum, Buddy performs a concert, the popular Creation Musical Adventure.

Buddy’s love of God is expressed through his many God-given talents. Plan to visit the Creation Museum on a day that he is here and share in his enthusiasm for praising God.