Evolution, Not a Chance

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In Evolution, Not a Chance, Dr. David Menton uses magical illusions to demonstrate the improbability of evolution. With increasingly complex magic tricks he illustrates how increasingly complex systems could not have happened by random, chance reactions…even over long periods of time.

Genetic information is encoded in DNA in an intricate pattern which has to be precisely copied and translated to produce the functional proteins which control all the systems in living organisms. Even the “simplest” protein is so detailed that one slight mistake can make it completely inoperable. You will learn how to calculate the probability of the chance arrangement of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, to produce even one of the smallest proteins. You will discover that the odds are so high that statisticians consider it impossible.

Chance is the absence of any known reason for the occurrence of any specific event, aka “fortune,” “fate,” or “luck.” There is a difference between “faith” and “credulity”. Just how much are we willing to believe without the presence of solid evidence? When it comes to evolution, a lot of folks are willing to swallow “hook, line, and sinker” without a shred of support. This presentation makes that very clear.

Dr. Menton holds a PhD in cell biology from Brown University and was an associate professor of anatomy for many years at the respected Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Through his years of teaching he gained many anecdotal tidbits and he loves sharing his knowledge with Creation Museum guests. Audiences of all ages enjoy Dr. Menton’s well-illustrated (and often humorous) presentations. This workshop is recommended for 12 years old and up, but younger budding scientists will be able to learn a lot, too.

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