Meet Ken Ham

Visitors to the Creation Museum often ask if Ken Ham is available. He is very often away for one of his many speaking engagements, but when he is in town he likes to take the opportunity to chat with guests. “Meet Ken Ham” sessions take place after many of Ken's on-site speaking sessions and are a great chance for him to meet with and thank supporters of the Answers in Genesis ministry. Guests often share how the ministry and the Creation Museum have affected their lives.

You can spend a few minutes chatting with Ken, sharing your story, and asking any questions you may have. He’ll give you an autographed DVD of his personal testimony A Fire in My Bones and will be happy to sign any books, etc. that you have with you. Would you like a photo of the meeting? Bring your camera and a staff member will be happy to take your picture with Ken. Check the Events Calendar and plan your visit for the next scheduled Meet Ken Ham event.

Please note that Ken's schedule is subject to change and sessions may be rescheduled or cancelled. Check with Guest Services staff when you arrive at the museum for the most up-to-date schedule.