Tips for Visiting Christmas Town

In previous years, we have noticed that attendance to Christmas Town increases as we get closer to Christmas Day. Here are six suggestions to help you beat the crowds and make the most of your visit to Christmas Town this season.

The earlier weekends often have fewer guests in attendance, so plan your trip early in December if possible.

No need to worry about having a hungry family at Christmas Town. There are plenty of menu choices, and Noah’s Café even has a special turkey dinner available for only $6.99! There will be plenty of hot cocoa available in the café and along the trail in the Garden of Lights!

Christmas Town is a free event, and parking is free as well. Make sure you fill up your vehicle with friends and family! Since there are a limited number of parking spaces available, get yours early by arriving before it gets dark outside.

The temperature can get very cold in Northern Kentucky. There’s a lot to do, both inside and out, so come prepared by wearing multiple layers.

There are always special Christmas Town deals going on in the Dragon Hall Bookstore. These deals are sometimes limited to a certain number and only available on-site during Christmas Town evenings.

Keep Up-to-date!

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