Have a ROARING Good Time!

by Creation Museum on March 4, 2010

Creation Museum Birthday Parties

Are you looking for a fun, unique option for your child’s next
birthday party?  How about a place where you can go on a trip through the universe, pet a zorse and a zonkey, encounter life-size dinosaurs and dragons, and explore the Garden of Eden?  These activities and more await you at the Creation Museum!

In fact, several new exhibits designed for kids have just been opened throughout the Museum’s walk-through history.  Now, kids can investigate Critter Canyon, touch a dinosaur fossil, reveal a secret message, go on a fossil hunt, and ask Noah questions about his experience with the Ark and the Flood.  All of this is part of our Knee-High Museum!

Birthday Party Packages are available in two themes: Dinosaurs and Noah’s Ark.

Parties are designed for children ages 5-12.  Party reservations are available Sunday through Friday at 1 pm & 3 pm or on Saturdays at 3 pm. So come to the Creation Museum for your child’s next birthday celebration!  It’s guaranteed to be a ROARING good time!

For more information or to schedule a party,

please call 1-888-582-4253 ext 355.

*Bookings must be made two weeks in advance with a $50 deposit at the time of booking. Adult chaperones are required at a ratio of one adult to ten children. No outside food or drink permitted except birthday cake.

Frequently Asked Party Questions

  1. Why should I have my child’s birthday party at the Creation Museum?
    1. Because children love the Creation Museum!  We’re a family-friendly environment with hundreds of live animals, animatronic humans and dinosaurs, and many other sculpted figures.  Add to that 5 exciting theaters and many engaging workshops to choose from, not to mention the beautiful Botanical Gardens and Petting Zoo outside on the grounds.
    2. You don’t have to lift a finger!  Just relax and enjoy the party, we’ll take care of all decorating and cleaning up afterwards, and we’ll make sure that you don’t miss any of the exciting features of the museum.
    3. Most importantly, throughout the entire museum the truth of Scripture is clearly presented in a way that even a child can understand.  In fact, many families have already chosen a Creation Museum birthday party as an outreach tool for family and friends that otherwise might not be open to the gospel or willing to attend a church service.
2.  Will there be a party host, and what will the party host do?

Yes.  There will be a host assigned to your party.  Whether it’s checking in at the front desk, finding your way around the museum, or just trying to get all of the gifts packed out to the car, your host will be there to help you every step of the way.  They will also take care of setting up the party room and cleaning up afterwards.  Keep in mind that your host will not serve as a tour guide through the exhibits area, but they will make sure that you are where you need to be when you need to be there so that you don’t miss anything.

3.  Can I bring my own cake?

Yes!  You are welcome to bring your own cake, or we can provide one for you.  Our cakes vary from $20—30 depending upon the size needed.

4.  Can I bring my own food?

We cannot allow outside food or drink into the museum.  However, we do have several food venues to choose from if you would like to have lunch during your visit.

5.  What is the Creative Critter Adventure?

Designed especially for birthday parties, the Creative Critter Adventure is a 30 minute presentation where you and your child will have a chance to interact and learn more about some of the amazing creatures God has created. Have your camera ready to catch the moment of fun when your child holds snakes or touches a skeleton of one of these Critters.

6.  Can my guests bring in birthday gifts?

Yes.  We will gladly hold the gifts for you while you enjoy the museum—and your birthday party host will move them to the party room at your reserved time.

7.  What if I want to invite more than 15 guests?

More guests are welcome.  There will be an additional $10 cost for each additional guest, or $5 for member parties.

8.  Will my 6 month old child be counted against the 15 person party capacity?

No.  Only children 3 years old and up are counted against the 15 person limit.

9.  I am not a member, but other guests coming to the party are, can I get the member package price?

The birthday child must be from a member family in order to receive member pricing.

10.  My 4 year old child gets into the museum for free, why is she included against the 15 person party capacity?

Though our parties are recommended for children ages 5-12, they are designed to be fun and engaging for children as young as 3.  We want your entire family to be included!  Since all children have an opportunity to receive a Creation Museum goody bag and participate in party activities, all those 3 years old and up are included in the party capacity.

11.  I am a museum member and have Guest Passes.  Can I use my passes for additional guests?

The package price is designed to cover the cost of room rental and supplies for up to 15 people.  Beyond that there is an additional charge to cover the additional costs.  Therefore, Guest Passes cannot be used for Birthday Party admission.  Everyone in the party room (age 3 and up) must have a party ticket.

12.  Can Guest Passes be applied toward Planetarium tickets?

Yes, Guest Passes may be applied towards Planetarium tickets.