Meet a Team Member-Jon

by Creation Museum on March 5, 2007

My name is Jonathan, and I'm an illustrator for the Creation Museum. It seems hard to believe, but my wife and I have been here almost fifteen months. We moved to northern Kentucky from Florida where I was working as a designer for a Christian publishing company while my wife was finishing graduate school.

I grew up with a keen interest in art. I especially loved to draw. From the time I could steady a pencil, every church bulletin, restaurant napkin, and notebook margin teemed with creatures, monsters, and super heroes from my overactive imagination. Little did I know that doodling could be a viable career option. I majored in commercial art and graphic design in college, and went on to do some graduate work that focused more on fine art.

After working for the aforementioned publishing company for two years, I became aware of the museum project from a college friend (Jon - also an illustrator) who was looking for another artist to bring on staff. When I saw what was happening here, I immediately wanted to be a part of it. The museum project is truly a "for such a time as this" opportunity. I pinch myself from time to time when I consider how great it is to be a part of what God is doing here. Then I pinch myself again to remind me of how much work there is yet to do.

As a museum illustrator, I'm responsible for creating exhibit artwork. This could mean a scientific illustration of a trilobite for a sign, a painting of a triceratops for a video title, or a mural depicting the infamous Scopes Trial where the Bible was put on trial. Although most of the artwork I do is picture-making of one sort or another, I also get to design some things.

Some design work I've been able to do includes creating new logos for the 7 C's of History, designing stained glass for the Dragon Hall Bookstore, and developing eye-catching signs used throughout the museum. In fact, the project I'm working on right now is for the Biblical Authority Room. It's a timeline showing pivotal events in church history where God's people compromised on His Word.

I love working here. I couldn't conceive of a better job. God's been extremely good to me, in that He's allowed me to use my gifts for His service in ministry related capacities. I can't wait to see what He's going to do down the road.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.