Meet a Team Member - Kristen

by Creation Museum on December 18, 2006

My name is Kristen and I am the Scenic Designer here at the Creation Museum.


As the Scenic Designer I am responsible for the creation of all theatrical scenery. As a scenic designer I come from a traditional background of a variety of artistic accomplishments, obtaining my BFA and MFA in Production and Theatrical Design from Walt Disney’s school, California Institute of the Arts, in Los Angeles California. I have an extensive background in Set/Film Production Design and Art Direction for numerous theater, opera, and film productions, including short films such as “Finding Neo,” starring Clancy Brown of Shawshank Redemption and awarded Best Film in the Los Angeles Short Film Festival; Rancho Cucomunga, produced by the USC Film Department; L’enfant Mechant, an opera designed for the Roy O Disney music hall; set design for Chasing Cuban Tales; set design for Beh Guy, produced by the Jim Henson Foundation, just to name a few.

As the Scenic Designer I am responsible for collaborating with the creative director and other members of the production design team to establish the visual feel and specific aesthetic needs for each room. I am responsible for creating scale models, rendered drawings, paint elevations, and scale construction drawings.


I provide and give direction for all the finishing details of each room, which include all props, greenery (in our case, a whole lot of foliage), all set dressing and decoration (which involves all decorative details such as furniture, wallpaper, knick-knacks, and lighting fixtures), and all exhibit signs, while working with our senior illustrator/art director and graphic designer. I then give direction in the construction/fabrication team, which includes all set construction, paint elevations and scenic art. And that’s not all! I then go on to “team up” with our audio/visual department to discuss the sound and visual design of each room, which involves everything you hear or see on all video monitors. Last but not least I work with our lighting designer to design the lighting in each room.


Some of the rooms I have designed at the museum include Graffiti Alley, Culture in Crisis, The Wonders Room, and The Cave of Sorrows. I have just finished the final design for our Starting Points Room. Currently I'm working on our Flood Geology Room design, completing a 1/4" scale model, simultaneously designing the completion of our Dig Site that will include a mine scene, a tent, and artifact display cases. I have also been involved in the development and production of our Life Formation characters that will be seen throughout The Creation Walk and Noah’s Ark Area. This has involved designing all costumes and working with sculptures and other designers to portray the right look for all the static figures, head and body sculpts, and developing such characters as Adam, Eve, Noah, Cain, and Abel.


With the many departments involved, it takes great planning and detail to create good design. Working for our Lord and Savior, I feel a great burden on my heart to express the best principles of design. I pray everyday we use our space to maintain a visually appealing museum. It is crucial to create an atmosphere that communicates God’s Word in order to reach our unsaved brothers and sisters.

Many days I am awestruck, to say the very least, at the talents God has brought together here. I rejoice and humble myself to His power and stand in awe at the things He creates through our museum team. I’m sure most of you would agree with me when you see the museum, it leaves you speechless and all you can say is “WOW, this place is Awesome!”

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.