Meet a Team Member - Elizabeth

by Creation Museum on December 4, 2006

After I finally completed graduate school in Florida last year, my husband and I decided we were free to begin the job search for something a little closer to home. Both of our families are from Illinois, so the prospect of moving on (and up, geographically speaking) seemed very attractive to us. For months dozens of resumes left our house, for months no response was received. As anybody who’s gone through the job search of today’s workforce can attest, our faith was definitely tested as we continued to pray for God’s timing.

Finally one day last November, the Lord answered our prayers in an amazing way! A friend from college, Jon, was working at a place in Cincinnati that could use another illustrator. Was there any way…

As we delved more into this “creation place”, we quickly became more and more impressed with what we found. Not only did we find a place that would challenge creatively, we also found a place that took a stand on the authority of God’s Word, period! Two weeks later my husband joined the Creation Museum team as an illustrator, and we made the move from Florida to Kentucky.

If God’s perfect timing in my husband’s job amazed us, so also did His orchestration in mine as well! I’d been looking and praying for something for only a short time when my husband came home from work one day and said, “There’s this opening…” Soon I was starting my new graphic design position with the Creation Museum team!

As a graphic designer here, I have been developing and maintaining much of the design material the Creation Museum needs to operate on. Specifically, I’ve worked on many advertising mailers, flyers, brochures, etc. for different Creation Museum departments, including Memberships, Guest Services, Fundraising, Special Events, and more. As our Spring 2007 opening approaches, many different projects are being focused on such as the Charter Memberships Program, the Volunteer Program and the new Church Partnership Program. All of these require printed materials, many of which I’m able to help with! Recently I’ve also had a chance to have a part in some fundraising materials, including this spread from a recent mailer.

Also coming up is the Tax Return Fundraising mailer which is focused on raising funds for the completion of the Museum.

It’s a blessing to be involved even in a small way in such amazing projects as these. Each day I’m reminded of God’s sovereign hand in every situation that comes to pass, and I’m so grateful to be a part of this “partnership in the Gospel” here at the Creation Museum.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.