Meet a team member---LeRoy

by Creation Museum on November 11, 2005

Hi, I am LeRoy and I am the Facilities Manager. I manage the fabrication and maintenance of the beautiful, 95,000 sq. ft. building here at AiG. The building houses the offices, warehouse, workshop and museum.

I first heard about the museum about six years ago when Answers in Genesis had an open house to showcase the items that would be in the museum, which was just being conceived. At the time I had an architectural woodworking business in Knoxville, TN that I had owned for 20 years. God had really started working on me several years before I came to the open house and I began to realize that a fulfilling life was about Him, not about me. When I saw what the museum would mean to others and how it would clarify Genesis and point to the cross, I became very excited. I believe very strongly in the museum and the impact it will have on others. After seeing the dream of the museum, I began to lose interest in what I was doing in my work life and became much more interested in what God was doing in Kentucky.

I closed my business of 22 years and moved my family to Kentucky. I moved my shop equipment (four 25’ box trucks) into the museum shop area and started working here when the building was completed in August of 2004. Jeremiah 29:11 says “God knows the plans He has for us," and I find His plans are full of adventure. I tell others here that I do not need caffeine in my coffee because things are too exciting as it is.

The work is very challenging but very rewarding and we do something different everyday. Each day you get to see God at work through all of the people here. The design studio is completing sets that will need to be built and it will be up to the fabrication team to build what has been designed. We have a great crew but we need more people to build the museum. Please pray that we get more people to work on the fabrication team.

We work with many types of materials: wood, metal, concrete, foam, plastics, fiberglass, etc. Some of the projects and issues we are currently working on include:

Planetarium – the dome is installed, the projector is almost ready to be shipped to us, the soundproofing and sprinklers are being installed and the floor and wall covering will follow, then the seating will be installed as one of the final items.

Café – the tables, made of 8/4 hickory and pedestals made with welded steel covered with eucalyptus, are almost done. The ceiling work, with eucalyptus poles and reed, are complete and the texture on the walls, along with the mural, are currently being completed.

Bookstore – soundproofing the walls between the bookstore and the planetarium is being completed, the lumber for the bookcases is in and we are getting ready to build them, and the molding is being produced now.

Special Effects Theater and Lobby areas – the entrance doors to the theater are getting a new look, the display cases for the front of the theater are being built as well as the ceiling beams being installed.

Dig site – the wall for the mural is being extended and the site will be complete soon.

Consummation Theater – architects are just completing the plans and more walls will go up soon.

The staff is dedicated to seeing the completion of the museum and has taken time out of their lives to do this rewarding work. Sometimes the work seems never-ending, but when it is about Christ, it makes all the difference.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.