Catch a Pure Flix Movie at the Creation Museum

by Creation Museum on September 14, 2018

In July, our parent ministry, Answers in Genesis, announced its relationship with Pure Flix Entertainment. Thanks to this new relationship, you can now catch a Pure Flix movie at the Creation Museum!

Enjoy a Pure Flix Movie

When you visit the Creation Museum on select days, you and your family can enjoy a free viewing of a Pure Flix faith and family film. This opportunity is included with your general admission ticket or annual pass to the Creation Museum.

Guests in the Creation Museum Plaza=

The upcoming schedule includes the films Faith of Our Fathers (September 14), Forgiven (September 15), The Book of Ruth (September 17), and Camp Harlow (September 19). Be sure to check our event page to see if a Pure Flix movie will be shown during your visit to the Creation Museum! The October schedule will be announced soon.

Access Museum Videos at Home

With a subscription, you will have access to all of AiG’s video content whenever you want from wherever you are. And you will have unlimited access to our Creation Museum videos as well!

While nothing beats viewing the Creation Museum videos during your visit, you can now watch your favorite museum videos from the comfort of your home. Relive your visit by re-watching videos, such as Flood Geology, Six Days & Other Biblical Perspectives, The Last Adam, and also Created Cosmos and Aliens: Fact or Fiction from our Stargazer’s Planetarium . . . and many more!

The Last Adam
Aliens: Fact or Fiction

Try a Month of for Free

Although we don’t necessarily agree with everything hosted on this site and encourage you to be discerning about what content you choose to watch, is a great place to start for family-friendly entertainment and even some Bible teaching. We’re excited about this new relationship and trust many people will be exposed to top-notch teaching about the truth of God’s Word and the message of the gospel.

The subscription cost is the equivalent of purchasing one AiG or Creation Museum DVD a month. Learn more and subscribe at