10 Creation Museum Construction Photo Updates

by Creation Museum on March 15, 2018

As we announced a couple of months ago, the Creation Museum is ready for some changes, and the first two phases of “Operation Upgrade” are in full effect! Our team has been removing “choke points” throughout the museum, working on installing a much-needed restroom at the beginning of the 7 C’s walk through biblical history, and renovating our Special Effects Theater.

Check out these photos to see how the Creation Museum is changing.

More Space for Guests!

We have been experiencing record crowds since the opening of our sister attraction, the Ark Encounter. Our fabricators quickly got to work removing “choke points” to help us alleviate congestion and improve our guests’ experience. Check out the changes!

Dig Site and Starting Points Corruption in the Garden of Eden Corruption with Adam and Eve Adam and Eve Sacrxifice

Main Lobby

Creation Museum Main Hall Creation Museum Main Hall

Slot Canyon

Slot Canyon Slot Canyon

Starting Points

Starting Points Starting Points

Biblical Authority

Biblical Authority Room Biblical Authority Room

Wonders Room

Wonders Room Wonders Room

Special Effects Theater (Coming Soon)

Special Effects Theater Special Effects Theater

We’re very excited about these new improvements. They are not only an enormous upgrade for the museum that will greatly help with traffic flow, but they will also help present the clear teaching of God’s Word to the church and the world even more powerfully than they do now.

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