Celebrate Easter Weekend with The Last Adam

by Creation Museum on April 12, 2017

As we enter the Easter weekend, consider spending this special time of the year with us at the Creation Museum. And while you are visiting, you won’t want to miss seeing a presentation of The Last Adam.

When you walk through the Creation Museum, you’ll make your way through the 7 C’s of God’s eternal plan. The first four C’s lay the foundation in the book of Genesis. Creation, Corruption (the Fall of man), Catastrophe (the Flood of Noah), and Confusion (the Tower of Babel).

Three Cs

The culmination of God’s plan is found in the final 3 C’s of Christ, Cross, and Consummation. These are communicated through The Last Adam video presentation in our special effects theater. Next month, a new exhibit will open that focuses on the final 3 C’s and presents the gospel to our guests. Here is a closer look at our popular video presentation.

The Last Adam

The video begins at a campfire with a Christian paleontologist explaining the truth of God’s Word to a colleague as “real and powerful.” He links the true historical events of Genesis chapters 1–11 with the promises of God made to Abraham and the law given through Moses. The paleontologist describes the Jewish sacrificial system and how spotless lambs were offered as an atoning sacrifice for the sins of the people.

Last Adam Video

Then the character of Mary, the mother of Jesus, describes the sacrifice and the seriousness of sin. She speaks of the angel’s announcement that she would bear the Messiah, and that His name would be Jesus. Mary learns that her Son would also be called by another name, “the Lamb.”

Jesus’ life was everything that the prophets foretold. He was born of the virgin in Bethlehem, grew in wisdom and stature, and began His public ministry. He healed the sick, cast out demons, and preached the good news of the kingdom of God to the poor.

Jesus was betrayed by one of His own disciples and sentenced to die on a Roman cross. At His death, He cried out, “It is finished!” (John 19:30). The sacrifice had been made, and the debt had been paid in full. One of the centurions, who witnessed Christ’s death, said, “Truly this Man was the Son of God!” (Mark 15:39).

The Last Adam

But Jesus did not stay in the grave. He rose on the third day, conquering sin and death. He will come again, at the Consummation of all things, and establish a new heavens and new earth, where there will no longer be sin, death, or suffering.

As we approach Easter and contemplate the life, death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, may we put our complete faith and trust in Him alone for our salvation. “If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved” (Romans 10:9).

Bring It Home

If you enjoy The Last Adam during your visit to the Creation Museum, you can add it to your home collection. You can purchase a copy of the video in the Dragon Hall Bookstore or from the online store of our parent ministry, Answers in Genesis.

Start planning your Easter weekend trip to the Creation Museum today, and be sure to put The Last Adam on your list of things to see! To find out when this special presentation is showing in our special effects theater, click the Regularly Scheduled Programs button on our online events calendar or check your daily schedule when you arrive at the museum.