Have You Ever Wondered . . . ?

by Creation Museum on February 23, 2017

If you have kids, you’ve probably heard questions similar to those featured in our new “I Wonder” campaign that recently launched on television and social media nationwide. Kids have lots of questions, and at the Creation Museum, we seek to provide scientific and biblical answers to many of the important ones. Watch both videos below, and read on for answers to three of the featured questions.

Did People and Dinosaurs Ever Live Together?

The Creation Museum is about more than just creation. It’s a walk through biblical history, showing the true history of life and the universe. The Bible says that God created the earth in six days and that humans and land-dwelling animals were made on the same day (Day Six).

As you stroll through the Garden of Eden and other exhibits throughout the museum, you’ll see biblical and scientific evidence that confirms humans and dinosaurs once roamed the earth together only a few thousand years ago.

Dinosaur in Garden of Eden

Did We Ever Look Like Apes?

Biblical creationists believe that God supernaturally created man in His own image from the dust of the earth. The Bible teaches that humans were created on Day Six of creation and have remained humans from the beginning.

Evolutionists claim that we descended from apelike creatures and use Lucy, the famous fossil of an alleged human ancestor, to support their claims. However, by examining the fragments of Lucy’s bones, we have further proof that she is not a human ancestor. You can learn more about Lucy in our Starting Points room or during one of our interactive workshops such as Monkey Business with Ruth Carter or Dr. David Menton’s Three Ways to Make an Ape-Man.

Lucy in Starting Points Room

Why Are There So Many Stars in the Universe?

When you visit the Creation Museum, you’ll learn more about stars, nebulae, galaxies, superclusters, and more as you tour the known universe in Created Cosmos, a special presentation in our Stargazer’s Planetarium. This show will give you a better understanding of the immensity of the universe and the power of the One who created it.

Dr. Danny Faulkner also offers a variety of astronomy programs where you can learn more about the universe, such as Sun Spotting, Stargazer’s Night, and Astronomy Live.

Created Cosmos

Plan your visit to the Creation Museum today to equip your children with solid biblical answers that will enable them to stand boldly in their faith as they face skeptical questions. We want as many kids as possible to hear the truth about history, as revealed in God’s Word!