Tease Algae and See Microorganisms Swim Through a Microscope

by Creation Museum and Creation Museum on May 24, 2016

“Oh you’re a beautiful plant, alga, you’re probably the most beautiful plant I’ve ever seen.” That’s Dr. David Menton teasing the algae before examining it under a microscope. Of course, Dr. Menton knows algae aren't plants; they belong to a different kingdom. But for the sake of a joke, he occasionally lets it slide. Yep, there’s never a dull moment when you’re learning from the expert.

Of course, Dr. Menton is making a pun, in his usual humorous character, while he uses a straw and scissor tips to separate some pond algae he just collected. He’s showing us how he makes a wet mount and explaining what he teaches his students in his Scope It Out! workshop at the Creation Museum.

First, we got to accompany him outside to the floating bridge over the pond behind the Creation Museum. It was an incredible experience to watch Dr. Menton, a 77-year-old PhD scientist, wrangle a net trap and bottle to go “fishing” for algae and microorganisms.

Then we followed Dr. Menton inside to the lab. He had several microscopes set up with various magnifications, and he didn’t waste time getting some of that pond scum under the lens so we could see what was going on in the microscopic world. You wouldn’t believe the kinds of critters crawling around in that pond water. Well, maybe you would if you saw them for yourself.

Are you ready to get your hands on a microscope and some pond scum to see what kinds of creepy crawlies you can find for yourself? Don’t miss an opportunity to get in Dr. Menton’s Scope It Out! workshop where you’ll learn how to make your own wet mount and how to use one of the Creation Museum’s microscopes all by yourself. It’s a fascinating learning opportunity for both kids and adults, and can make a fun field trip for kids in school. You can even schedule a private event just for your group (minimum 10 required) by calling the Creation Museum at (888) 582-4253.

Be sure to check out the scheduled classes for this summer, and register before it’s too late!