Our Petting Zoo

by Creation Museum on November 5, 2015

A very popular attraction at the Creation Museum is our petting zoo, which we opened in 2008. Not only do we have what you would expect in a petting zoo, we also have some exotic animals like wallabies and llamas. What’s more, we have some very unique animals like a zorse and zonkey—and two immensely popular camels that have been trained to give rides!

Petting Zoo Camel in Petting Zoo

After spending several hours in the museum, many families make their way out to the zoo through our beautiful botanical gardens. Petting a gentle animal of any kind seems to appeal to people of all ages. It is not often that children get to see up close farm animals like the steer, sheep, and goats that we have, much less the exotic animals. We also make available food that the children can feed them. Here is a fun fact: did you know that sheep and goats don’t have teeth on their upper front dental pads? This helps to have no accidental biting at their pens!

Cow in Petting Zoo Sheep in Petting Zoo

Be sure to visit our zoo when you come to the museum; it is open all year round!