Enjoy the Botanical Gardens This Summer

by Creation Museum on June 17, 2015
Garden path

This time of year can be a great time to walk through the Creation Museum Botanical Gardens and enjoy their lush beauty. It can be hot and humid, so you might want to grab an ice-cold Pepsi or a cup of Dippin’ Dots before you set out on your adventure. As you enter the gardens you’ll cross over the first of five bridges—further on, the suspension bridge is a favorite for many guests. You’ll also notice a series of signs advertising our cell phone tour, so grab your cell phone and dial the number, or pull up the webpage on your smartphone if you want to learn more about the plants you’ll encounter. If you want even more information, then consider visiting on a day when we have a Beauty in Blooms Tour scheduled with one of our gardeners. Be warned, you may encounter dinosaurs as you explore the gardens and you’ll see diverse areas such as the Koi Pond and the Rainforest!


The bog might even harbor some carnivorous plants (to learn more about these amazing plants check out our Cursed Plants workshop throughout the summer). And last but not least, you can’t forget about visiting the Creation Museum’s petting zoo, or Monday through Saturday riding on one of our friendly camels.