Donated Dinosaur Bones

by Creation Museum on May 1, 2015

Recently, the Creation Museum acquired some bones that have been identified as being from a duckbill dinosaur known as Edmontosaurus. Here is the actual list, as it was provided to us:

These bones were brought to us by a rancher and his wife from the area of Lemmon, South Dakota. All of the fossils were excavated on their ranch, in the Hell Creek formation. What’s really interesting about these bones is the fact that in a cross-section of the tibia, the bone has what looks like bone marrow present. Needless to say, our very own Dr. David Menton is excited about taking pictures and looking at samples under his microscope. Dr. Menton’s great sense of humor came through in his comment about how these bones are thought to be “63 million years old, give or take a week or two in one direction or the other.” If Dr. Menton finds what he is looking for, you can count on a big write-up for Answers in Genesis in the near future!

Donated Dinosaur Bones Donated Dinosaur Bones Donated Dinosaur Bones Donated Dinosaur Bones Donated Dinosaur Bones

Did you know that the Creation Museum will be hosting a dinosaur dig this summer? Visit our website to find out how you can join Buddy Davis to search for more dinosaur bones!