Dinosaur Dig 2015

by Creation Museum on April 10, 2015

The Creation Museum is pleased to announce that it has a Dinosaur Dig planned for this July in eastern Montana! We are once again partnering with the Foundation Advancing Creation Truth (FACT) and director Otis Kline, and we are sending Buddy Davis as the host. As with former trips, the participants will spend the majority of each day in the field, and then they will return for dinner and a relaxing evening spent with newfound friends listening to Buddy sing and tell tales of adventure. Buddy has been on several dinosaur excavations, including a trip to the North Slope of Alaska.

Besides digging in the field, there is a trip to another museum that focuses on creation, a visit to Makoshika Park (spectacular badlands which conceal dinosaur fossils), and a visit to a huge ranch where the group will “prospect” for new potential dig sites by looking for “floaters.” Imagine standing in the middle of a huge ranch surrounded by pieces of dinosaur bones and then trying to figure out which vein in the rocks in the hillside contains the rest of the bones!

Ready for adventure? Ready for a “not your normal vacation”? Ready to try to explain this trip to your co-workers? Still got July 27–31 clear?

Hiking to the dig Group Fossil Fossil Fossil Vertebra Nice find